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[eGER] Bad Company

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[eGER] Bad Company

Komentar by Andy Wuhuuuu on Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:17 pm

Hello friends from Bosnia,

some maybe already know us and if not then let me introduce our Paramilitary Unit from eGermany.

We want to make a symbol of the Bosnian-German friendship on the battlefield.

The Bad Company (BC) is the biggest German Paramilitary Unit but not only in amount of members but also with the highest daily influence on battlefield.

At the moment we have 53 members and cause about 1.5 - 2mio dmg.

Our Commanders

Mr. Stinson

Board of Command (BoC):
Ultra Violent
Jagotin Daprusek

We are daily involved in the most important battles around the eworld and fore sure also supporting you at war.

if you have questions or something is missing in your opinion, please just leave a comment below or contact the players or me named above.

Friendly greetings


Andy Wuhuuuu
Andy Wuhuuuu
Citizen of eBiH
Citizen of eBiH

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