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Komentar by Gazija97 on Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:12 pm


I'm here as an ambassador of eBosnia and Herzegovina. We have decided to reopen embassies in order to keep in touch with our fellow countries, and to update you with correct information about events in our country.

First i want to represent you our govourment :

President – pasha_the_one
Vice president – mobster 1930

Minister of Defense – toroman
vMinister of Defense – Starac

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Admir M
vMinister of Foreign Affairs – Gazija97

Minister of Economy – Emir Ribic

Minister of Social Affairs - sargeraspa

Minister of Education – preyy

Minister of Information – Lucius Herenius
vMinister of Information – Amer P

Currently,3 of 4 our regions are under occupation of eSerbia including our High GRAIN region.We are also in constant threat of pTO by eSerbs and we are very thankfull for all help you given as at antiTO.In this difficult times it’s hard to find loyal and wise ally and I hope we can find that in eSpain and eSpain’s citizens.If you have any questions you can find me on your official channel or leave post on my official theme on your FORUM.

I wish all the best to your eNation and see you soon Smile

Ambassador of eBosnia and Herzegowina

Citizen of eBiH
Citizen of eBiH

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